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The experience in the field of Christmas lighting guides MILLELUCI to search new designs, developing products through technology and innovative systems. During these years we have developing many product lines in order to improve the transportation and give a special attention to the energy saving. Our products are made of aluminum and steel frame, they are optimal for outdoor use and they are very light, easy to carry and to store, thanks to their foldable system. We offer a big range of services to our customers starting from the project up to the installation. We offer different services: resell and rental of our lighting products and events organization..

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Urban Decoration

Milleluci is able to create and set up public environments such as squares, streets, gardens, creating themed scenery


Milleluci offers professional services for the design, design and organization of private, corporate and night events ...

Architectural Lights

Milleluci offers services for the implementation of nightly trendy events for any theme with LED headlights managed by our qualified team...

Christmas Lights

Millleuci is engaged in light fixtures with LED material with any kind of shape, 3D and 2D, thanks to a design and innovative design ...


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