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Christmas Light

Millleuci lighting installations with LED material with any type of shape, 3D and 2D, thanks to an innovative design. The material can be rental or rental with installation

Urban Decoration

Millleuci is able to create and set up public spaces such as squares, streets, gardens, creating theme-based sets required. The ultimate goal is to achieve even the only ones characterized by creativity, refinement, originality and great attention to detail.

Architectural Light

Milleluci offers services for the creation of trendy night events for any theme with LED lights, managed by our qualified team. Our ultimate goal is to create bright magical atmospheres, even in terms of music, to engage and entertain the spectator. We handle all types of organizational aspects from planning to implementation.


Milleluci offers professional services for the conception, planning and organization of private, corporate and night events. After analyzing the client's requirements, the phases concerning the realization of the event from planning to development are listed, coordinating and supplying the lists of requested services. Based on the available buget, we propose customized and suitable solutions for production: from small meetings to large conventions. For large or small spaces, Milleluci provides high-quality event settings both for functionality and aesthetics. We design stands for fairs, exhibitions, congresses, advertising campaigns for both private and corporate events; we take care of the installation of audio, video and light amplification systems. Our experience, combined with the professionalism of qualified and reliable partners, allows us to provide customized solutions, based on the customer 's needs, with an excellent quality - price ratio.


Milleluci selects a wide range of locations for events, exclusive and original, ideal for organizing both private parties, such as weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, and corporate events such as conferences, meetings, business dinners. The choice of location is the most important phase for the organization of unique and special events; we offer solutions suitable for any request and for any budget: private villas, hotels, discos, trendy clubs, meeting rooms, convention centers.


We offer high quality catering services, able to satisfy the most varied taste and budget requirements. A serious and professional staff composed of chefs and waiters, will delight you with recipes of delicious dishes and refined menus.


Very often the organization of an event can not be separated from the choice of a musical background, or even a real performance by musical groups, or artists. Depending on the tastes and needs, we propose singers, bands, DJs, vocalists, who will delight the event with live music, revival, commercial dance or any other musical genre.

Photos and Videos

To capture the most beautiful and significant moments of an event, whether it's a wedding or a graduation party, a meeting or a corporate cocktail, Milleluci offers excellent quality video and photo services. We have a serious and professional staff that supported by cutting-edge technology is able to respond to any type of request.


Design process


  • Target
  • Analysis of structures
  • Lighting project
  • Choice of materials


  • Work coordinations
  • Assembly and installation
  • Realization by a qualified team
  • Support


  • Architects e Designer
  • City
  • Public and Private

We work:

  • Urban areas
  • Shopping Center
  • Small and Big Events
  • Historical Buildings
  • Religious Events
  • Business meetings